Our nurses meet rigorous requirements in order to qualify as employees, more than likely the same requirements that you have established for the staff at your facility.  When a nurse from L.A Nursing Service (LANS) arrives, you can be assured that he/she  has up-to-date credentials, is competent and is ready to work in the specific position you defined. 


We believe that our nurses are prepared and possess the characteristics that exemplify the quality we seek of LANS employees.  We provide service-oriented employees who demonstrate their adaptability, flexibility, competency and professionalism for client  and patient satisfaction.

We build all of our hospital and healthcare facility relationships on a foundation of trust and transparency, which is why every Registered Nurse and Allied Healthcare Professional we send out are screened with the utmost care. When a LANS health professional is assigned to your facility, you'll always know you're working with a qualified and capable candidate. Our guidelines cover the following compliance checks prior to candidates being submitted to an opening:

  • In-depth phone interviews with each candidate

  • Complete rebuilding of each healthcare professional's resume, to ensure the recruiter has in-depth knowledge of the employee's experience

  • Verification of academic credentials, employment history, professional licensure, and certifications

  • Requirement of a minimum of one (1) year experience in their specified clinical setting

  • Minimum of two (2) verbal and written references from recent employers

  • Completion of a comprehensive skills assessment

  • Completion of a registration form that includes pre-employment questions relating to such issues as criminal background, employment eligibility, licensure status, and other relevant subjects



Additionally, we review every assignment for a variety of factors -- including assignment length, experience level, location, and more -- in order to find the best match for the position. Once we find the right person and they accept the assignment, we perform additional in-depth screening, which includes obtaining all health and medical record documentation, recent physical exam, criminal background check, minimum 10-panel drug screening, and any other necessary details to verify the candidate's fitness for the position. Then and only then do we allow the assignment to go forward.

Creating successful matches between healthcare facilities and our healthcare professionals is the most important thing we do, so we're rigorous in our screening and credentialing process. In doing so, we give you the confidence you need to trust you're always getting the best candidates to fill your positions.

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